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    Executive Action on Immigration

    Recent Events Have Raised More Questions Than Answers. We Want to Answer Your Questions

    — Brian Murray

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Fairfax Immigration Attorneys Serving all of Northern Virginia

Fairfax Immigration Attorneys

The Fairfax immigration attorneys at Murray Osorio PLLC represent immigrants striving for their American Dream. Our immigration law firm is particularly focused on assisting individuals and their families to live and work in the United States. Our firm is based in Fairfax, Virginia but our attorneys routinely handle matters in all parts of the country. Our lawyers have diverse experience and skills across the full spectrum of immigration matters, including:

SCOTUS: Drug Paraphernalia Not A Deportable Offense

The Supreme Court announced its opinion in Mellouli v. Lynch this morning. The Court reversed the Eighth Circuit, which had upheld Mellouli’s removal/deportation on the basis of a drug paraphernalia conviction.  The case involved a Tunisian permanent resident who was ordered removed on the basis of a Kansas conviction for possession of drug paraphernalia for possessing a sock to […]

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