If you are not a United States citizen and you have been charged with a criminal offense, you should consult with qualified immigration counsel to determine whether that criminal charge will adversely affect your immigration status. Murray Osorio PLLC specializes in criminal immigration law – or crimmigration, as it is sometimes called. Our attorneys routinely consult individuals with criminal charges or convictions, past or pending. Our consultation may assist you and/or your attorney in fashioning a plea which will avoid adverse immigration consequences. Or, in the case of a conviction, our consultation may assist you in devising a strategy to revisit the disposition through post-conviction litigation or in developing innovative legal arguments and strategy for immigration court removal proceedings in support of a motion to terminate on the grounds that the particular conviction does not trigger removal.

The following is a listing of some of the criminal immigration services our firm offers:

Pre-Trial Crimmigration Consultation

Many individuals and/or their criminal defense attorneys consult with our firm concerning pending criminal matters to develop a strategy which minimizes the immigration impact of the criminal case.  During a one hour paid consultation with the client, our attorney will explain the possible dispositions and their immigration consequences. At the conclusion of the consultation, the attorney will recommend one or more possible solutions to minimize the adverse immigration consequences of the matter. Because our firm practices both immigration law and criminal defense, we have the knowledge and experience to provide realistic plea options that meet clients’ goals and are achievable. Once our attorney identifies the recommendation or recommendations, h/she will also briefly explain the recommendations to your counsel. The cost of these services will vary depending upon the complexity of the criminal case (i.e. whether there are multiple charges, multiple jurisdictions, and/or felony charges).

Post-Conviction Crimmigration Consultation

If you have already been convicted of one or more criminal offenses you may only now realize that those convictions could have serious negative consequences for your immigration status or even your ability to remain in the United States. There are a number of situations in which individuals with convictions seek our services. Sometimes they do not suspect that their criminal matters will have separate and serious immigration consequences until they are hailed into removal proceedings, or when they file for naturalization and they receive a request for documents and evidence or a denial of their N-400. (If you need representation in removal proceedings or in the naturalization process, our firm offers experienced representation in those areas too.) Whatever your circumstances, it is always a good idea to consult with a qualified criminal immigration lawyer if you are a non-citizen and you have a criminal conviction.

Opinion Letters

In some cases you may desire a more formal statement of our legal opinion on a criminal matter in either the pre-trial or post-conviction stage. For example, your criminal defense attorney may want an opinion letter to show the prosecutor to further the possibility of a negotiated plea according to our recommendation. In other cases, you may want an opinion to keep with you if you need to travel internationally and you are concerned that you will be hassled by immigration authorities at the port of entry. Or you may just prefer the peace of mind that comes from having our learned legal opinion in writing. Whatever the reason, our attorneys can usually produce an opinion letter in about five to ten days.