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Brian Murray is the original founding attorney of The Law Office of Brian Murray PLLC, the predecessor organization to Murray Osorio PLLC. Brian is a tireless advocate for individuals in immigration and criminal proceedings. Since its inception just six years ago his firm has experienced a meteoric rise to become known as the home for some of the most relentless advocates for individuals with difficult immigration cases.

Brian has represented a range of individuals with a multitude of backgrounds, complications, and needs. He has represented former heads of state, prominent diplomats from a range of countries, multinational executives, and others with seemingly intractable immigration problems including denial of immigrant and non-immigrant visas, waivers, problems at the port of entry, customs issues including seizures, and removal defense.

Brian maintains a special personal focus on “crimmigration” – the immigration consequences of criminal convictions. He is looked to as an authority by criminal defense counsel and their clients in the DC area and across the country, to provide immigration counsel and immigration-safe dispositional options before criminal proceedings.

Brian also has successfully represented numerous clients applying for waivers and other applications for relief in removal proceedings in immigration courts across the country, as well as countless waiver applications, motions to reopen, and administrative appeals before USCIS.

Latest Posts:

  1. Murray Osorio Challenges Unconstitutional ICE Arrests

    The U.S. Marshals detained my client past his release date for 6 days based on an immigration detainer.  We have sued the Marshals, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement or “ICE,” and the city which operates the jail to stop this unconstitutional practice. Anyone who watches Law and Order knows that law enforcement officers generally need […]

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  2. Huge Win in the Eleventh Circuit!

    After fighting her removal case for over two years, Murray Osorio PLLC won a huge victory today for our client and for many people in removal proceedings in the Eleventh Circuit.  The Eleventh Circuit held in a precedent decision that a conviction under OCGA § 16-8-2 is not an aggravated felony theft offense.  Successfully arguing that Georgia […]

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  3. Welcome Partner Hudaidah Bhimdi Ahmed

    Murray Osorio is pleased to welcome a new partner to the firm. Hudaidah Bhimdi Ahmed is an experienced advocate and distinguished member of the D.C. area immigration bar. Hudaidah’s diverse practice includes removal defense as well as employment-based and family-based immigration. Hudaidah has successfully represented thousands of businesses and individual clients in various circumstances, including business […]

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  4. United States Citizen Detained by ICE in Dilley

    Today in Dilley during a normal intake process with a woman detained there I discovered that my client was actually a United States citizen. This woman, fleeing from narco-traffickers in Mexico with her two teen children, had no idea she was, in fact, a U.S. Citizen. ICE had detained her and her kids for more than 10 days without questioning about […]

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  5. Arlington Immigration Court Grants Withholding and CAT

    The Arlington Immigration Court granted withholding of removal under the Immigration and Nationality  Act (INA) and protection under the Convention Against Torture (CAT) to a 20 year-old Salvadoran national who has lived in the United States since the age of 4.  After several misdemeanor marijuana convictions our client lost his previously held Temporary Protected Status. […]

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  6. SCOTUS: Drug Paraphernalia Not A Deportable Offense

    The Supreme Court announced its opinion in Mellouli v. Lynch this morning. The Court reversed the Eighth Circuit, which had upheld Mellouli’s removal/deportation on the basis of a drug paraphernalia conviction.  The case involved a Tunisian permanent resident who was ordered removed on the basis of a Kansas conviction for possession of drug paraphernalia for possessing a sock to […]

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  7. Representing a Baby in Removal Proceedings

    Meet my client. This morning I had the responsibility to represent a baby in removal proceedings. My client, still 10 days from her 1st birthday and cute as a button, was hailed into immigration court to answer for charges of breaking our immigration laws. My little 11 month old client came to the United States […]

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