Alexandria is located along the Potomac River, in very close proximity to Washington DC. The city is most recognized for its exquisite history and its elegant preserved architecture. A major attraction for the people of Alexandria is its historic center, known as “Old Town.” We are proud to serve our immigration attorneys to the wonderful area of Alexandria. Our immigration law firm is particularly focused on assisting individuals and their families to live and work in the United States. Learn more about our services in Alexandria, Virginia. 


Located only a short drive away from Washington DC, Arlington is a vibrant and lively area. It offers a very similar feel and atmosphere as Washington but on a more intimate level. Arlington has a appealing mix of towering office buildings and a mix of small, family owned businesses. We love serving the great city of Arlington with our immigration attorneys.The Arlington immigration attorneys at Murray Osorio PLLC represent immigrants striving for their American Dream. Learn more about our services in Arlington, Virginia.


Nestled in the suburban expanse of the Washington DC metro region, the City of Fairfax offers an alluring variety of commercial, office, retail, and residential properties. The city offers many exciting attractions and is widely known for its exceptional cultural amenities. We are honored to provide our immigration attorneys to the awesome city of Fairfax. Our firm is based in Fairfax, Virginia but our attorneys routinely handle matters in all parts of the country. Learn more about our services in Fairfax, Virginia.